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Making Your Church Comfortable for Children

religious supplies minnesotaSome parents have trouble going to church because it is a complicated experience for their children. Here are three simple ways you can make your church comfortable for children and parents:

  • Add Changing Stations – It is vital that you add changing stations in all the restrooms in your church. If you are a parent who wants to expose your child to church, you want to be able to keep them comfortable at all times. No one likes changing a diaper in the car or letting it ride until service is over. Additionally, it is nice to make sure they are located in private areas.
  • Offer Safe Spaces for Families – Going to church for the first time can be unusual for some children. Make sure that they are welcome in safe areas with trusted staff who can handle children in all environments. Additionally, provide parents with space where they can quickly drop off their children without a lot of dramatics.
  • Build Comfortable Cry Rooms – If you are putting a room for children in the back of your church, you should do your best to make it comfortable for all parties involved. This means adding comfortable seating, as well as air conditioning and heating, to ensure parents want to return.

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