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Outfit members of your church’s clergy in pieces made with the most beautiful fabric and produced by the finest craftsmen. HJ Boerboom & Associates is your first source for unique, beautiful, and high-quality apparel and church linens in Minneapolis, MN, and throughout the rest of the state. We carry apparel, cloths, and vestments created by industry leaders via our online catalog. Whether you are making upgrades to your current church or are starting a new one, you can rest assured that our business will provide you with only the best religious supplies available.

To find out more about our selection of religious vestments, or our other Christian church supplies, reach out to our staff. We are more than happy to provide additional information about our products or our partners. After all, we believe that every church deserves high-quality products that enable them to worship in a place of beauty. We’re blessed to able to serve you.

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When you order vestments from one of our carefully-chosen partners, you can rest easy knowing you’ll receive a product that meets your precise needs for quality, design, and durability. We at HJ Boerboom & Associates understand that church linens must be beautiful, yet enduring, as they often see everyday use. Read on to learn more about the exceptional products from nationally trusted craftsmen you’ll find in our online catalog.

Art Studios Slabbinck: Founder Hendrik Slabbinck began his specialty embroidery workshop in 1903. Four generations later, his tradition of creating beautiful vestments and paraments continues in Art Studios Slabbinck’s Bruges, Belgium workshop. Churches all over the world rely on their craftsmen for the finest quality altar cloth textiles in the industry because they pay close attention to each parament created, taking care to polish even the tiniest details.


Abbey Brand: For high-end liturgical vestments, surplices, and other church linens, countless churches turn to Abbey Brand, a well-established and well-respected American company. Since 1947, they have created handmade vestments that remain distinctive and elegant, even after years of use, in their Milford, Pennsylvania workshop. Experience the difference their approach to quality and design makes for yourself — place your order today.

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Contact us today or check our catalog to find out more about our stock of clergy supplies, including vestments, church linens, and more. We proudly serve churches throughout the state of Minnesota, the Superior Diocese of Wisconsin, and the upper peninsula of Michigan.